What You Need To Know About Furnished Apartments

As anyone who has lived/ lives on rent will tell you, moving is one of the most stressful and least looked-forward to events there is. The hassle of having to pack, and unpack as well as finding reliable movers is quite tiring and takes a toll on you especially if you move frequently. Add to this the hunt for a suitable place and retiring to Antarctica to live in an igloo sounds like a much easier option. Luckily, furnished apartments have sprung up in recent years making options much easier for tenants.

WHAT IS IT?A furnished serviced apartment is one that is fully functioning in terms of furniture and amenities. In fact, they have progressed so much that facilities equivalent to those of a hotel are now available at these apartments. Since they come with basic furnishings and also necessary equipment such as utensils for cooking, many prefer this ode of accommodation for the long-term especially as this means they need not bring their own. Some people who move around find it cumbersome to move their own furniture from house to house therefore this makes more sense. It is not only easier but can significantly cut down moving costs.

WHO DOES IT SUIT?Although if you have enough money to spare you can of course live in such an apartment on your own, these types of accommodation are mainly suited to families. As children prefer more space to run about in these apartments prove to be quite the life-saver for both short-term and long-term stays depending on your requirements. If you are doing refurbishment or renovations for instance they are a convenient choice and you can even choose to take your furniture along with you if you so wish. With housekeeping and parking available, your stay is guaranteed to be a comfortable one.

TYPES OF APARTMENTSWhen it comes to deciding what suits you especially if it is your first time choosing a furnished serviced apartment, there are two main categories under which you should look. They are extended stay hotel commonly also referred to as ‘aparthotel’ and corporate housing. Each has its own benefits so you should assess what suits you best. The first aims to give you a homely feeling although it is a hotel-like environment and has apartments of varying types such as studio, or 2-3 bedroom apartments. The second option has very residential facilities such as cleaning and utility charges for the long-term.

WHAT TO LOOK FORThere are actually quite a number of companies that have cottoned onto this concept and many people who are willing to take them up on their offers. Shortlist a few options to find the best one for you, and word-of-mouth is invaluable. If you know someone who has stayed in such an apartment before or is currently residing there, they can really help you out in terms of conditions and facilities. Compare rates as well as some places could be offering discounts which you should make full use of. If you are looking for a very home-like atmosphere, corporate housing is probably your best choice.

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