Travelling Alone- Something To Try In Your 20’s

Travelling to places at a young age is the dream of many of us, but, however, sometimes even though we feel like we want to travel alone, as soon as the idea strikes it might be the most intriguing thing you’ll ever think. Travelling alone doesn’t have to be scary as long as you are prepared on the journey. At your 20’s chances are that you are still living with your parents and they are going to worry about you every minute along the way. If you are on the lookout to travel alone read the following before making the decision.

Take your safety seriously

Whether you are a girl or a boy, your safety should take the main priority during the journey. Contac your friends/ family around the area where you are planning to travel and keep them informed that you will be around for a vacation. Save their mobile numbers and house addresses in case of any emergency. If you can have accommodation near those friends’ or family’s houses, your safety would be greater.

Know what to pack

Since you are planning to travel alone, be ready for many possibilities when you pack. Don’t forget to pack your medical emergency kit, torch, power code, insect repellent and map of the area. Since you will have to carry your baggage around, do not pack too many unwanted clothes and shoes and just keep them to a bare minimum.


In your 20’s your spending power is relatively low because you would be right after high school or college and looking for travel. Therefore, spending all your savings on the trip is not advisable. Therefore, book places which are affordable like beach holiday homes, where you would be having a better experience at a lesser cost. When you get to enjoy without too much of spending that would make you trip even more enjoyable.

Avoid the risky

When planning the activities that you would do during your stay, try avoiding risky activities like climbing steep rocks, bunji jumping etc. It is always better if there was someone around when you engage in these kinds of activities. Also avoid travelling to deserted areas at night which can put you in the risk of being robbed or harassed. Take extra care if you are a girl and especially if you are travelling oversees since the locality would be foreign and new to you.


As mentioned previously, your parents and other friends might be always worried since you are travelling alone therefore, always keep in touch and update them about your whereabouts and the activities that you did and are about to do. Send them pictures and take video calls to stay connected. This will reduce the anxiety and would be a great measure for your safety during the journey.

By June 13, 2017.    Accommodation