Timing And Taking Precautions For When Travel Bound To The Amazon

South American continent’s Amazon forest is full of the wonders of nature and if you are lucky, you get to reenact the ‘Anaconda’ movie. As most of us are aware, deforestation is the biggest threat to the forest, and you better hurry and visit all the beautiful things hidden inside (and discover a new species or two) before they cut down the last tree.

Timing the trip right

The Amazon is situated in the tropical zone of the earth. So the temperature in the forest is always humid and hot. Year around travel is possible and you can witness the wildlife anytime as well (unless when they are on their own seasonal cycles). But as it is in the tropical climatic zone, rainy seasons dn dry seasons exist as well. For the dry season of Belém and Manaus, you need to visit during the gap of the year between mid-June and December. At the end of December the rainy season arrives and temperatures tend to drop a little bit. It tends to get scorching hot during the dry season.

Rainy season starts from December and runs until beginning of June and the forest areas get flooded. But this is great for wildlife lovers as the boat services run fine and animals tend to come out during the rains as well. When the floods start it is called ‘high water’ and the rest of the time during rainy season it is ‘low water’. During this low water period, fishing access is heightened and you can get a fill of fresh river fish.

Planning the trip correctly

The occupied regions around the forest are usually hostile and communication can be very old aged. Although there are hotels and cottage accommodation in Tasmania available near the city areas, these are missing near the forest areas. It is highly recommended to go with a companion and with a proper certified tour guide. Going to Amazon through a reputed tour agency is suggested when going alone. Do take safety precautions such as notifying someone of where you are going and keeping in touch whenever communication signals are present.

All your medical ailments need to be checked before you leave your home country and research well into diseases and health risks while doing your study on cottage accommodation in the Amazon. Consult your doctor about going to the Amazon and you will get advice (this is especially for those who live in different climatic zones).

First aid, rain gear, comfortable clothes and shoes (those you don’t mind wearing when wet), medication, long pants and tops, waterproof equipment are some of the very basics that you should take with you.

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