The Islands Of Thailand

Thailand, as a country of the Indochinese peninsula of Southeast Asia, is bordered on each side by its neighbouring states, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Its coasts face the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand; these coasts are not just found on its mainland, but also on the many islands of Thailand – there are 1,430 such islands in total. Among these many islands, there are a few islands in Thailand which have garnered attention as popular tourist destinations worldwide:
1.    Phuket – the 4 star hotels in phuket patong beach, Patong are always fully booked for a reason – the locality is the most popular tourist destination after Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Phuket consists of a several smaller islands and one large island, where the hotels in Phuket, Patong are located. The beautiful scenic beaches these islands offer are no by means to be missed
2.    Ko Chang – as the third largest island out of all 1,430 islands, Ko Chang provides for many recreational activities. Located on the border of the country and its neighbour Cambodia, Ko Chang is a relatively quieter island than Phuket or the other busy tourist spots of Thailand, but this is definitely not proof that it is unworthy as a tourist destination for patong resturants. The island boasts of some extremely scenic waterfalls, rainforests, and coral reefs close to its beaches. White Sand Beach is the most popular of the beaches in Ko Chang, which, as the name suggests, shows off an extremely pretty variety of white sand.
3.    Koh Tao – this island is the destination for the tourists who seek more of an adventure. The island caters to tourists seeking rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, etc. The island is also popular amongst fishing enthusiasts for the many different local species of fishes present in the local waters
4.    Ko Phi Phi – Ko Phi Phi is actually the small archipelago of Southern Thailand. It was badly affected in the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, with all its buildings, facilities and infrastructure completely or badly destroyed, but governmental and private efforts to rebuild the tourist industry in the island have been notable. The island has therefore sprung back relatively quickly, and is now again one of the most popular tourist spots of Thailand.
5.    Ko Phangan – located in the Gulf of Thailand, the island is another of the quieter tourist spots – like Ko Chang. The island is a great retreat for nature lovers – there are many rainforests and beaches to explore, filled with many different species of flora and fauna. Spiritual retreats are popular in Ko Phangan, which has many Buddhist temples; the island can provide one of the best environments for relaxation and meditation.

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