The Beauty Of The Vagabond Home

What would it be like to live in a home that moves with you? That travels down high ways, traverses through bush lands or that maneuvers down the sands of a beach? To have a home that travels with you, affords you a new kind of freedom that a regular home doesn’t. This new kind of freedom? It’s complete freedom.

People often associate caravan or motor home holidays with old age. With the onset of retirement. Younger people don’t really do them because it’s too expensive and let’s be honest, sharing a caravan for a couple of weeks with the same people probably isn’t the best thing for any friendship. But having a home that moves with you, really is something special and liberating.
The beauty of caravans or motorhomes is that you are a vagabond. Continuously exploring and seeing new places and destinations, your view of the world expands as well as your experiences. Life never has a stand still, unless you want it to. Why not stay for an extra two weeks at an especially fantastic spot?

With a motor home or caravan, the natural world is right outside your door. You’ve done the hours of driving, now pitch down your home and enjoy where you’ve come. The air is different, there are bodies of water, maybe there are mountains and virgin forests to be explored. Best of all, you don’t have to pay for your stay. All the costs that need to be covered are food and personal amenities.

The thought of being able to set up home or leave at any moment in time is liberating. We all want that sort of accessibility. To see the world with a caravan or a motor home means that we are never tied down. And in a world which demands commitments and deadlines, this is most desirable and seductive. If you had the chance, would you buy a motorhome or a caravan? Or would you rather use that money in the form of some payment or deposit for a flat or apartment? The caravan or motorhome does have a leisure component to it. If people live in their accommodation vehicles it is seldom permanent and if it is, they are probably not on the road travelling. Nonetheless, a motorhome or a caravan is not only a vehicle in which one can live on the road. It appeals to an entire lifestyle. One in which the participants must be eager for adventure, for travel, for exploration and for excitement. They mustn’t be close-minded for the road of travel hails many sights to see. Check out more about central Pattaya hotel

Living in a portable home means that you can go wherever your whims take you. As long as you have a spot to park, consider the arms of nature or maybe even the cradle of urban cityscapes as well? We would be surprised at the amount of goodness that the outside world has to offer us. And a caravan or motorhome is one way to discovering what’s out there

By August 11, 2016.    Accommodation