Day Trips

We are all different from each other, as humans we have this trait of dynamism we cannot stick to one thing and we cannot just go where everybody is going (without finding out the good reason). Some people like to stay up at night and enjoy parties and not only parties some people enjoy working at night and sleep all day (no specific or scientific reason for it, but it’s just the way it is). Some are morning lovers they feel better to wake up early do all the day stuff and done; at night they just their bed and a sound peaceful sleep.

Same is the case when it comes to travelling, we all have seen people in our lives who are just madly obsessed with travelling at night (they have their own reasons), may be due to less traffic, a bit chilly environment; this one is new (they think it’s quite thrilling to stay out at night, as it’s a bit dark and scary out there). For day trip lovers we have a term known as “day trippers”. A person who loves to visit normal tourist destinations and attractions during day hours, in the evening (like birds) they return back to their nests (Homes, hostels, hotels). They plan the trips accordingly (weather is not any issue for them), leave early in the morning before sunrise and return before sun set (that’s the rule of day trippers). Actually the day trips in Whitsundays is also known as daycation, usually families with small kids, pets and old family members who are reluctant to travel at night; prefer day trips more as compare to couples and families without the above mentioned characteristics (exceptions are there). The mantra of day tripping is that the traveler selects a country or city as a base, and visits the nearby cities around. The base city could be chosen on any basis (they usually select where hotels are economical and meals are good) hotel are deliberately chosen keeping in view low price range as the person just has to come back at night and sleep; again in the morning he/she will leave for some other city (so the purpose of the hotel is to sleep, so no luxury is targeted anyways). Along with this, surprisingly the day trippers take two meals a day only (as they avoid any hindrance during travel, don’t want any loo breaks and unwanted stomach aches; due to heavy eating) Yes! Consumption of water is a must and they drink a lot of it (as day trips requires good walking and tough environment).

There is no argument on which time is suitable for travelling Day or Night, depends on the place and preference of the one who is travelling. Although, day trips do allow clear vision, complete bright environment and even no go areas are open during day hours, any museum or safari park can be visited along with other activities.